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The Nashville Musicians Association represents over 2300 of Music City’s finest musicians, including the Nashville Symphony, studio players, road musicians, teachers, singer/songwriters, bandleaders, arrangers, and producers. There are many reasons to join us, but none is more important than the simple concept of strength in numbers. 


It's about solidary.

As a talented musician your real strength in the music business comes from working and bargaining collectively with other musicians. By keeping an open ear to the diverse needs of our members and adjusting our strategies and policies to reflect the rapidly changing reality of today’s music business, the Nashville Musicians Association continues to thrive as one of the strongest and most productive locals in the AFM.

We are here to help you protect yourself and your music. 

There are many other benefits you will receive as a member of Local 257:

  • Free use of our rehearsal hall, complete with full backline
  • Access to our Local 257 Emergency Relief Fund, which allows you to apply for financial assistance if you find yourself in a tough situation
  • A multitude of discounts to products and services, including instrument insurance, phone service, free passes to Summer NAMM and much more
  • Access to the AFM's Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund, which gives relief to disabled members 
  • Free consultation with our health insurance navigator
  • Free accidental death or dismemberment insurance policy

Dues for new members include two one-time initiation fees, and are pro-rated quarterly.


The chart below contains a breakdown of the fees for new members. 


Please note:  If a band or group joins together, you may be able to waive the Federation Initiation (FIF) and the Local Initiation fees. Speak to our Membership Coordinator, Laura Birdwell, for more information on this option.

Call Laura Birdwell for immediate assistance on joining Local 257 at 615-244-9514. Or you can email Laura. 

New Member Dues 2018   
Local Annual Dues 154.00
Federation Per Capita 66.00
Funeral Benefit Assessment 70.00
ERF 3.00

*Pay no FIF through March 31, 2018

Local Initiation Fee

* Pay no Local Initiation Fee through March 31, 2018

Total 293.00
*Voluntary TEMPO & ERF Donation 5.00
*Total including Voluntary Donation 298.00














Ready to Sign up?

You will need to complete two forms to apply for membership in the Nashville Musicians Association.

The two forms are available below.  Open with Adobe Reader/Acrobat to fill out electronically. Otherwise, download and print forms. 

Please note: The Local 257 Funeral Benefit Card  must be notarized when signed. You may sign this form at the local or have it notarized and mail it to us.

AFM Local 257 Membership Application

Local 257 Funeral Benefit form