Nashville has been a mecca for professional musicians for decades, and that still holds true today. Players from every genre are drawn to Music City for many reasons. The Nashville Musicians Association, AFM Local 257, is the third largest local in the American Federation of Musicians. A variety of professional opportunities exist here, from club work and touring gigs to recording sessions, television and film engagements. 
Those who come here seeking to advance their career are many. And although the opportunities are also many, the competition is intense. Making it here requires that your chops are well-honed, and that you understand the importance of working well with others. Networking is key, as many jobs are not advertised, but instead are circulated word-of-mouth. 
Joining the Nashville Musicians Association can not guarantee that you will find the opportunities you seek, but it will greatly increase your opportunities for networking, and for the simple recognition that as a member of the largest musician's union in the world, you take your abilities very seriously. As a member you will be able to post your profile information on our website, and be listed in our online directory.
And once your career takes off, the staff at AFM Local 257 will be there for you if problems occur, and to help make sure you are treated with respect and fairness by your employers. 
For more information on joining the Nashville Musicians Association, call us at 615-244-9514 and ask for Savannah Richie.